Jack Welde (Smartling) became the 2022 “Localization process innovator of the year for the United States” at the 13th PIC event which took place on the 2nd of November at LocWorldWide48 in San Jose, California. Did you miss the competition? You can watch the recording here on the PIC playlist on LocWorld’s youtube channel.

The innovation “Fully-Automated Visual Context Extraction from Video” explained how videos can be used to give context to text strings, for example in mobile applications.

As Jack said during his pitch , “Anyone can record a screen, this means context can be provided. Translators should be able to translate with context, context is the secret sauce.”

The runner-up this time was Sara Basile (XTM International) with the innovation, “Using QA checks to detect inappropriate language through neural-network classifiers and rule-based algorithms.”. This discussed the growing importance of automatically identifying and dealing with language which is not inclusive or appropriate in a given siuation.

As PIC founder and co-host, Dave Ruane put it; “PIC 13 showed how language technology is growing and evolving it’s use and importance in the industry, we had a real focus on smart tech and AI, which probably mirrors what we all expect to see these days. We are delighted with the audience engagement and feedback at the event and can’t wait to #14.”

The PIC dragons this time were Alessandra Binazzi (Alessandra Binazzi Consulting), Ben Cornelius (Cornelius Communications), and Salvatore Giammarresi (Airbnb.)  Alex Bernet (LocWorld), and Dave Ruane (XTM International) co-produced and co-hosted the competition for the LocWorld organizing team. We would also like to thank Multilingual Magazine, LocWorld, and XTM International for supporting the event.

Another PIC event is done, congratulations to all who took part. The next PIC  event will be in June 2023 in Sweden; the call for papers is now open. Submit your proposal now for consideration.

Do you have a localization process or technology innovation for the PIC “stage” ? Contact Dave Ruane or Alex Bernet directly if you have any questions and submit your proposal using the link above.


The innovators and innovations at the final of the 13th PIC event were:

  1. Chistopher Dell, Locale
    “Turbo-charged localization workflows for increased productivity, throughput, revenue and stellar client satisfaction“
  2. Magdalena Wójcik, Argos Multilingual
    “AI Backtranslation – Introducing AI into a QA Workflow“
  3. Olivier Libouban, Lingoport
    “Instant Localization and In-Context Review“
  4. Jack Welde, Smartling
    “Fully-Automated Visual Context Extraction from Video“
  5. Konstantin Savenkov, Intento
    “Page not found… oh wait, here it is!“
  6. Sara Basile, XTM International
    “Using QA checks to detect inappropriate language through neural-network classifiers and rule-based algorithms.”