The preliminary rounds of the eleventh Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) take place on Monday 4th October 2021.  Innovators will get a chance to pitch their ideas to the PIC dragons and audience. If they are successful they can make it through to the final round and have  a chance to become the PIC Innovator of the year for USA 2021

At PIC #11, innovators will pitch their ideas to the dragons and an audience of their peers, yes this means you can also join the fun! Find details and links to attend below – the PIC preliminary rounds are free and open to attend. Finalists will join the final round taking place during LocWorldWide on the 20th of October 2021.

This year’s dragons are Cornelia Sittel (Salesforce), Esther Curiel (Indeed ), Peter Swanniker (Entrepreneur and investor). Alex Bernet (The Localization Institute), and Dave Ruane (XTM International) make up the PIC production team.

Are you ready to see some great innovations?, then join us for the PIC #11 preliminaries (Zoom link)!

PIC #11 preliminary round – October 4th, 2021, 5pm CEST, 11am EDT.

  1. Takeyoshi Nakayama – Human Science Co.
    “A unified terminology management system for DeepL/Google/Microsoft/NAVER Papago”
  2. Alex Zekakis – XTM International
    “IQAL – The Intelligent QA Layer to drive an automated, agile and risk-sensitive QA process for any program”
  3. Dominick Kelly – KantanAI
    “Self regulated translation community”
  4. Igor Afanasyev – Smartcat
    “Continuous localization for marketing content”
  5. Qiang Wan – VMware
    “Globalization 360 Hub: Providing company-wide visibility into Globalization Quality, Scorecard, and Maturity Levels”
  6. Kara Warburton – Termologic
    “Better, faster localization with multilingual microcontent”
  7. Rafal Jaworski – XTM International  
    “CAFFEINE, CONTEXT AND CONFUSION. What does my coffee machine mean by “empty tray”? Detecting potential ambiguity in translation.”
  8. Nour Hussein – Tarjama
    “How to develop industry-focused localization for eCommerce in MENA”

Join using this zoom link.