The 3cubed Preliminary Rounds of LocWorld’s 14th Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) take place on Thursday, 27th April and Friday, 28th April, 2023.  Innovators will get a chance to pitch their ideas to the PIC dragons and audience. If they are successful they can make it through to the final which takes place at LocWorld49 in Malmö, Sweden on Wednesday, 7th June, 2023.


At PIC #14, you too can join in and watch the innovators pitch their smart ideas to the dragons! Find details and links to attend below – the PIC preliminary rounds are free and open to all to attend


The Process Dragons who will judge the competition for PIC#14 are Britta Aagaard (Semantix), Esther Curiel (Zoetis) and Giulia Tarditi (Qualtrics.) Alex Bernet (The Localization Institute), and Dave Ruane (XTM International) will moderate the competition for PIC#14.


Are you ready to see some great innovations? Please join us for the PIC #14 preliminaries (Zoom link)!


PIC #14 3cubed Preliminary Round 1 – Thursday 27th April 2023, 4pm CEST.

  1. Viveta Gene   –  GTH Translation “A Common Machine Translation Post-Editing Training Handbook”
  2. Oscar Martinez Diaz  – Loc & Capture SL “A revolutionary new tool for video revision and quality report creation in localization projects”
  3. Pavel Doronin –   Intento “Translation Storage: innovation that finally builds the bridge between MT and TM”
  4. Frédéric Queudret  – Acolad  “Video Content Revolution: Unlock the Power of Automated Text Generation”
  5. Konstantin Savenkov  –   Intento  “Don’t Look Up: Multilingual Content Creation with GPT”
  6. Fred Bane –  Transperfect “aQua (Automated Quality Review of Documents)”
  7. Erji Wang   –  Vmware & Centific  “AI-Powered Localization Source Content Analysis Tool”
  8. Heikki Vepsäläinen  –  Youpret  “Fully automated interpreter mediation”
  9. Rafał Jaworski  –  XTM International   “Safeguard your secrets” managing confidential information in your documents with confidence using GPT”
  10. Tina Julsgaard  –  Skrapling “Skrapling – Extract, Quote, Go! That fast!”
  11. Alessandra Binazzi and Patricia Paladini Adell   –  IKEA – INGKA  “GORBIS – Global Onboarding on a Rolling Basis”

Join using this zoom link.

PIC #14 3cubed Preliminary Round 2 – Friday 28th April 2023, 4pm CEST.

  1. Klaus Fleischmann  – Kaleidoscope “Terminology and the Single Source of Truth.”
  2. Rares Vasilescu – RWS  “Revolutionizing Translation with Machine Learning: The Next Generation of Productivity to follow traditional Translation Memory and Machine Translation.”
  3. Deborah Tshimanga –   Langues Des Champions   “Afor-Lugha.”
  4. Johan Sporre –   IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) “Give the power back to the linguists ”
  5. Marina Pantcheva –   RWS   “A no-touch, data-driven, dynamic LQA service: how to manage thousands of LQA reviews with a single Quality Manager”
  6. Richard Sikes–   MemoQ  “Middleware Connector for Linguistic Validation Process”
  7. Michal  Mechura –   Lexiconista  “Computer-Aided Post-Editing of Machine Translation”
  8. Frederik R. Pedersen –   EasyTranslate “EasyContent.AI”
  9. Alon Lavie   –  Unbabel  “Instant AI-driven Intelligent MT Selection”
  10. Bruno Bitter  –   Blackbird.IO “Leveraging Analytics Data in Localization Automation”
  11. Oriol Company Costa –   Wallapop   “Translation Quality at Wallapop”
  12. Giada Gerotto –   Creative Words   “AI-based freelancer testing and recruitment”

Join using this zoom link.