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The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC)

A challenge competition for innovations and innovators in the localization and translation industry. Shortlisted Localization Innovators pitch their ideas in front of peers and experts, in a “Shark Tank” / “Dragon’s Den” format. One winner takes home the Process Innovator of the year award.

The Why of the PIC?

The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is a space in the localization industry for innovators to show and share their ideas. The platform enables innovators to showcase their innovations, share valuable knowledge and insights, and get industry recognition and potential backing.

Outcomes of the PIC

Innovators have a stage to pitch ideas, meet innovators and interested parties. One winner takes home the Process Innovator of the year award.
Investors and other interested parties get to meet innovators in the localization industry and see the latest localization innovations in one sitting.

Running of the PIC

The PIC takes place during the Localization World conferences; Asia (April), Europe (June), and in North America (October). Each PIC event has an advisory committee and an event team. The advisory committee decides which innovations get shortlisted for the event.

The event team includes a moderator, production manager, and a panel of process experts (dragons) whose role is to deep dive on innovations and ask the “tough” questions of the innovators.

Call for papers

Formal call for papers occurs during November for the Asian PIC (event takes place between February and April), December for the European PIC (event takes place the following June), and from July for the American PIC (event takes place in October). Call for papers are posted on this site and on the homepage of Localization World.
Innovative ideas can be sent year round to us via our contact page. This page can also be used if you require guidance or further information.

Created by Ulrich Henes and Dave Ruane, The PIC is hosted and supported by  Localization World and Xplanation.