Andrea Ballista (Voiseed) became the 2022 “Localization process innovator of the year for Europe” at the 12th PIC event which took place on the 12th of July 2021 at LocWorldWide47.

The innovation “Voicing the Unvoiced with Universal AI Voice Dubbing.” explained how expressive voice can be created from scratch using an AI technology they have built to ingest source content, and text as well as target text and produce and expressive output voice. 

As Andrea said during his pitch , “We wanted to solve the expressive voice problem in dubbing for games, media and other use cases. The normal process is very resource intensive, with actors, studio engineers etc. Text to speak systems are struggling to be expressive – so subtitling is used and users can’t enjoy expressive voice. There is a growing demand for this but it is very complicated to solve, as you need to map emotion to vocal representation. We are solving this.”

The runner-up this time was Saurabh Kavathekar (NetApp) with the innovation, “Dr. Global – Source Code Internationalization Self-Healing Using AI”.   This  replaces “dumb” static scan techniques for I18n issues which typically are very reactive. Dr. Global is an intelligent system which spots issues as the developer is developing, and includes recommendation, remediation and other smart systems. This gives an extremely high quality scan output. This prevents more than 90% of the i18n issues when this product is applied and significantly reduces false positives.

One of our dragons at PIC#12, Giulia Tarditi  added that “I believe in the PIC and its power to be a force for good that can meaningfully drive our industry forward. It was an honour for me to be involved in the innovation challenge event – the line-up of innovators was so strong that all of their speeches gave me the goosebumps.  Andrea’s audio AI innovation’s potential really left me gobsmacked.”

As PIC founder and co-host, Dave Ruane put it; “PIC 12 was our best yet in terms of the overall quality both in the preliminary rounds and the final. We decided that we should go big as we come back to in-person events. We had more submissions this time than previous PICs (over 20) and the final round was very energetic and lively; with the full LocWorld stage and 250 + attendees watching the final, live in Berlin. Andrea’s innovation is truely stunning – he found a real need; expressive language dubbing and figured out how to do something very complex, with a very cool tweakable output- definitely watch this space.”

The PIC dragons this time were Bert Esselink (RWS), Giulia Tarditi (Qualtrics), Patricia Paladini (Paladini Global), and Jochen Hummel ().  Alex Bernet (LocWorld), and Dave Ruane (XTM International) complete the PIC organizing team. We would also like to thank Multilingual Magazine, LocWorld, and XTM International for supporting the event.

Another PIC event is done, congratulations to all who took part. The next PIC  event will be in November 2022 in Silicon valley; the call for papers will be open during August 2022.

Do you have a localization process or technology innovation for the PIC “stage” ? Keep an eye out for the call for papers or contact Dave Ruane or Alex Bernet directly.

The innovators and innovations at the final of the 11th PIC event were:

  1. Andrea Ballista – Voiseed
    “Voicing the Unvoiced with Universal AI Voice Dubbing”
  2. Gary Lefman  – Cisco
    Unlimited continuous localisation using distributed scalable microservices
  3. Robert Brodowicz – Argos Multilingual
    “AI Translation Memory Clean-up ”
  4. Saurabh Kavathekar – NetApp
    “Source Code Internationalization Self-Healing Using Artificial Intelligence”
  5. Konstantin Savenkov – Intento
    “Translating ICU elements with machine translation is now possible!“