The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is now in its fifth season, and PIC #11 is coming to LocWorldWide45, October 20th 2021.
This time we are going with the theme “Video killed the radio star”. At a time of rapid flux in our industry, are new methods complementing and replacing the old, or do companies need to really shift radically and take on disruption?

If you have a technology, process or disruptive innovation, submit your proposal to the PIC. The PIC is open to content publishers, industry supply companies, technologists, academia, and anyone else in the industry who has an innovative idea which can solve a localization or global content challenge. Your innovation could be a unique idea that was successfully applied to a localization process which improved operations, or it could be a new way of using something existing to solve a new problem. Or it could be a new and cutting-edge technology innovation which works within your product or workflow.

We asked the winner of PIC #8, Wouter Maagdenberg to share what the PIC did for him.   ” Winning the PIC was great. As a startup company, it is very valuable to be in the spotlight of such a great event, and to get the coaching during the program to win. Industry professionals acknowledging the value of your innovation builds trust and provides a podium from which companies such as TXTOmedia can highlight their innovations. We met new people, got in contact quicker with decision makers and as you know in business, one thing has led to another.”

Key Dates for PIC#11

Proposal submission deadline: September 10, 2021
Invitations to virtual session: September 22, 2021
Preliminary Round:  September /October 2021
Final Round: October 20, 2021

The call for papers for PIC #11 is now open  – get your innovative idea in today!

Click here to submit your innovation!