Giulia Tarditi (Monese) became the 2019 “Localization process innovator of the year Europe” at the 6th PIC event which took place on the 12th of June at Localization World in Portugal (Estoril). She also took the spoils as Process Track Winner.

Her innovation entitled “Goodbye, Source Text! Discover a Source-free Translation Scenario That Helps Increase Your Conversion Rates” examined not using source text to translate buttons and labels for a mobile APP. Giulia showed how they described the function of the buttons instead, and had much better overall results; both in less customer calls due to confusing buttons, and an increase in app traction through a referral campaign. The murmurs in the PIC room were palpable as it was evident that this approach is both truly innovative and has a place in the localization process.

Giulia Tarditi wins the 6th Process Innovation Challenge

PIC 2019 winner Giulia Tarditi at the PIC booth with Dave Ruane.

Another unique pitch was by Harsha Mudumby from ImageTranslate. He showed a way to automate the image translation process for flat images (e.g. .JPG files). They found using their system that processing speed for translating images, improves by up to 22 times; from 5.5 minutes to 15 seconds. Harsha took the spoils as the track winner for Technology.

PIC chair and event Moderator Dave Ruane (LanguageWire) explained the changed format this year; “By popular demand, we hosted 2 tracks; Process and Technology, and ran the whole event in just one session. This gave us access to more innovators who may have a very innovative process which had no technology, and vice versa. Running one session, gave us a tighter show and meant innovators could have meaningful discussions with interested parties on day 2 of LocWorld.”

Three fantastic dragons supported the innovators, the event, as well as the spirit of the PIC this year ; Yuka Nakasone, Esther Curiel and Miguel Sepulveda. We try to innovate the platform each time and sometimes bite off more than we can chew, this time though, the PIC production was seamless, this was owned by Alex Bernet with support from the LocWorld team. On day 2 of LocWorld, we ran a new session which was a panel on the state of innovation in our industry. We believe this is a good addition to the platform to discuss innovation trends, connections, and gaps in the industry.

We raised the PIC bar this time and will continue that as we move to Silicon Valley in the Fall, always aiming to give innovators a solid platform for their ideas.

We want to thank Localization world and LanguageWire for supporting the PIC and also Multilingual Magazine who this year offered one of the prizes; giving the winner a white paper in the magazine and a newsletter ad.

6 innovators were shortlisted to pitch their innovation on stage at LocWorld in Portugal:
Process Track:

  • David Benotmane – Glossa Group – “Translation Quality Evaluation and Translation Quality Assessment Tool for Risk Avoidance (ISO 31000)”
  • Giuliana Tarditi – Monese – “Goodbye, Source Text! Discover a Source-free Translation Scenario That Helps Increase Your Conversion Rates”
  • Benedetta Zamagni – Translated – “Recruitment for Capacity and Engagement”

Technology Track:

  • Aimee Ansari – Translators without Borders – “Integrating Speech Data Generation with Translation Technology to Increase Access to Information”
  • Istv├ín Lengyel – BeLazy Technologies Ltd. – “Agile Localization Across the Entire Supply Chain”
  • Harsha Mudumby – ImageTranslate – “Automatic Image Translation”

Congratulations to all innovators who took part and a big thank you to all those who sent in proposals. Miguel Sepulveda summed up an image of innovation which we try to tap into at the PIC; “Innovation can also be [big ideas] or other ideas that seem “smaller”, but also solve a problem for someone. Innovation begins when people start using your idea. Innovation is about solving problems.” We couldn’t agree more.

Attention will now turn to the PIC at LocWorld 41, in Silicon Valley (November 7-8, 2019).

Do you have a Process or technology innovation for the PIC “stage”?
The PIC call for papers at LocWorld 41, is open, deadline is August 16th 2019.