The preliminary rounds of the tenth Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) take place on the 25th and 26th of May 2021.  Innovators will get a chance to pitch their ideas to the PIC dragons and audience. If they are successful they can make it through to the final round and have  a chance to become the PIC Innovator of the year for Europe 2021

At PIC #10, 10 innovators will pitch their ideas to the dragons and an audience of their peers, yes this means you can join the fun! Find details and links to attend below – the PIC preliminary rounds are free and open to attend. Finalists will join the final round taking place during LocWorldWide on the 9th of June 2021.

This year’s dragons are Jim Compton (Technology partnerships manager, RWS Moravia), Yuka Nakasone (Chief Strategist Global Bridge), Jochen Hummel (CEO Coreon and Esteam). Alex Bernet (Manager, Master Class Program at The Localization Institute), and Dave Ruane (Digital content and Partnerships manager, XTM International) make up the PIC production team.

Are you ready to see some great innovations?, then join us for the PIC #10 preliminaries!

PIC #10 preliminary round 1 – May 25th 2021, 4pm CEST

  1. Takeyoshi Nakayama – Human Science Co.
    “Accelerate the localization of e-learning content with automatic batch transcription and subtitle file generation.”
  2. Johan Sporre  – Ingka Group │ IKEA Retail
    Democratizing multilingual communications – A PM-less approach to continuous Localization
  3. Manuel Herranz – Pangeanic
    Anonymization for Translation – A New Frontier
  4. Jaime Punishill – Lionbridge
    Lionbridge Predictive Analytics – Using AI to assess and improve quality of source content to reduce localization costs
  5. Rafal Jaworski – XTM International  
    No TM and no electronic dictionary for your language? Conjure up language resources for your localization projects.

Join using this zoom link :

PIC #10 preliminary round 2 – May 26th 2021, 4pm CEST

  1. Konstantin Dranch – Custom MT
    Evaluating trained MT engines with humans and RPA
  2. Maiju Nurminen – What3words
    Impact Localisation: A Framework for Cross-Functional and Global Success
  3. Anouk Perquin – Anouk & Co
    “Honey, I shrunk the pieces”: How “one piece flow” makes your global content process fun, effective and fast
  4. Konstantin Savenkov – Intento  
    To tag or not to tag?
  5. Rikkert Engels –  Xillio LocHub
    “Increase local experience and conversion by adding QA to your localization workflow”

Join using this zoom link: