The preliminary rounds of the 12th Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) take place on Wednesday 1st June and Thursday 2nd June 2022.  Innovators will get a chance to pitch their ideas to the PIC dragons and audience. If they are successful they can make it through to the final which takes place at Localization world in Berlin during July.

At PIC #12, you too can join in and watch the innovators pitch their smart ideas to the dragons! Find details and links to attend below – the PIC preliminary rounds are free and open to attend. Finalists will join the final round taking place during LocWorld47 on the 12th of July 2022 in Berlin.

This year’s dragons are Bert Esselink (RWS), Giulia Tarditi (Qualtrics) and Patricia Paladini (Paladini Global). Alex Bernet (The Localization Institute), and Dave Ruane (XTM International) make up the PIC #12 team.

Are you ready to see some great innovations?, then join us for the PIC #12 preliminaries (Zoom link)!

PIC #12 preliminary round 1 – Wednesday 1st June 2022, 4pm CEST.

  1. Klaus Fleischmann  – Kaleidoscope
    Terminology and the Single Source of Truth
  2. Andrea Ballista – Voiseed
    A new AI based technology to synthesize controllable expressive speech in multiple languages with multiple voices.
  3. Diego Bartolome – Language I/O
    Multilingual Customer Support for Monolingual Agents
  4. Wirginia Nowak – ULG Group
    ULG Automation Suite: Automate Common DTP/QC Functions to Provide Consistency in the Execution of Tasks Across Production Teams Globally
  5. Jan Hinrichs – Beluga
    LocLunch Smart Profile
  6. Zhenjun Zhuo – VMware
    Practical way of UI automation based on recording
  7. Gary Lefman  – Cisco
    Unlimited continuous localisation using distributed scalable microservices

Join using this zoom link.

PIC #12 preliminary round 2 – Thursday 2nd June 2022, 4pm CEST.

  1. Robert Brodowicz – Argos Multilingual
    “AI-Powered TM Clean-Up
  2. Rafal Jaworski – XTM International
    Language technology that’s synonymous with success
  3. Peter Tan – VMware
    Accessibility Test as a Service
  4. Saurabh Kavathekar – NetApp
    Source Code Internationalization Self-Healing Using Artificial Intelligence
  5. Dierk Runne – Hubspot Inc.
    Mova: Automated translation processing of CMS contents using asset performance as differentiating criteria for translation workflows
  6. Zhilin Fang – VMware  
    How We Invoke Web Service in the i18n Front-end Development Process in VMware
  7. Pavel Doronin – Intento
    Translating ICU elements with machine translation is now possible!

Join using this zoom link.