The Process Innovation Challenge (PIC) is about to start it’s 4th season. As always, innovators will get a chance to pitch their innovative ideas with the goal of sharing their smart innovations with the localization community, and perhaps winning the PIC Innovator of the year award. This year, the PIC will be 100% virtual. We received alot of interest and will run 2 rounds; preliminaries and the final round.

PIC #8 will have preliminary rounds run during 2 sessions on the 4th and 5th of June. Over the 2 sessions, 14 innovators will pitch their ideas to the dragons and an audience of their peers, yes this means you can join! Find details on innovators, their innovations, running order, and links to register, below. Registration is required for each session an attendee wishes to join. The final round will take place during LocWorldWide at the end of the July.

This year’s dragons are Yuka Nakasone (GlobalBridge), Anne-Cécile Dousson-Lhéritier (Amazon), Markus Meisl (SAP). Alessandra Binazzi (Asics) and Alex Bernet(LocWorld), and Dave Ruane(XTM International) make up the PIC team.

Are you ready to see some great innovations?, then sign up and join us for PIC #8!

PIC #8 preliminary round 1 – June 4th 4pm CEST

  1. John Weisgerber – Transifex
    “Bypassing the I18N problem by owning it in the development platform”
  2. Yi-Qun Ren – Microfocus
    “An innovative tool to auto-detect layout issues in webpage”
  3. Takeyoshi Nakayama – Human Science Co., Ltd.
    “A Translation Tool for Paragraph-Aware MT Engines”
  4. Ian Birch – TrueWeb
    “Universal Embedded Localization”
  5. Sabine Peng – Vmware
    “Dynamic LQA – Data Guided Quality Control”
  6. Martin Švestka – Memsource
    “Business Intelligence-Powered Post-Editing”
  7. Adam Bittlingmayer – ModelFront
    “Translation risk prediction”

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PIC #8 preliminary round 2 – June 5th 3pm CEST

  1. Andrzej Zydroń – XTM International
    “AI enabled Bilingual Terminology Extraction”
  2. Justine Chuang – IBM
    “Speech 2 text subtitle translation ( by restoring the segments with NLP-Techniques )”
  3. Kirill Soloviev – ContentQuo
    “Ada: Augmented HT and MT Quality Risk Management”
  4. Marc Mittag – MittagQI
    “What You See Is What You Get” translation for all file formats – in a TMS”
  5. Natalia Kurysheva – Agilent Technologies
    “eCommerce localization process automation with Python”
  6. Remy Blaettler – Supertext Deutschland GmbH
    “Instant Translation with Humans”
  7. Wouter Maagdenberg – TXTOmedia International BV
    “Watch instead of read”

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